Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Not The End...But A New Beginning

I first started Dreams of Flesh and Spirit as a way to revive content from my old Tribe 8 websites, and post any new content that I created, ideas I had, etc. Over the intervening years, I've been not doing a lot of gaming, and have been blogging very infrequently here.

I have experienced a kind of gaming renaissance after becoming more involved with Google+. As a result I started regularly blogging, not just about Tribe 8, but about many other topics. On both blogs, I've done it for no other reason than enjoyment. I realize that Tribe 8 is a very niche game, and I've always been happy with whatever feedback or exposure it's gotten. As a result, I've kept the two blogs separate.

Now, however, I'm about to start a Tribe 8 game using Fate Core via Roll20 and a few other tools. This has prompted me to post a lot of things related to the game on my other blog, and caused me to rethink the tactic of posting something Tribe 8 related there and then reposting it over here. In fact, most of the content that would be appropriate for DFS is likely going to be on my "main" blog for the foreseeable future.

So I've made the choice to deprecate Dreams of Flesh and Spirit. It's not going away, but no new posts are going to be made here. Instead, you can join me on Aggregate Cognizance. I am also importing all of the posts from DFS into Aggregate Cognizance, where they are tagged as "Dreams of Flesh and Spirit" (as will all new Tribe 8 posts). Hopefully, the marginally larger audience there will lead to more people enjoying the Tribe 8 content that I put up.

Dreams of Flesh and Spirit has existed, in some capacity, for close to 15 years in various forms ranging from a simple website, to a CMS-backed website, to it's latest incarnation as a blog. This folding into Aggregate Cognizance is just another step in a long journey, one that's probably going to continue for another 15 years.


Anonymous said...

Looking to see what comes of the new re-vitalized interest.

Arg├╝e said...

Congratulations Will! The River be with you!